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Try member portal here

Here you will find access to the optional member portal. After entering their personal login data, all members can view and download documents, such as their club invoices.

In addition, you have access to the organisation's documents, logs aso.

You can test the member login with the following sample access data:

German access
Password: pEt5zcZm

English access
Password: BJBp8ct9

The features of the member portal

Don't you wish you had to do less work in your club? By using our member portal you give your members the possibility to accomplish a lot on their own. Assign some tasks to your members and save a lot of time and effort.

The member portal enables your members to view all invoices and their payment status. You enable the interaction of different modules directly in the member portal, like the member search, a picture gallery, the booking of events. Your members can view the file archive and the transcripts of the last meeting.

You can shift the data maintenance to the members themselves. You also know when a member moves and the address or other information changes. Why not just let the member make this change? In our member interface each member can change his own data independently depending on the permission. No matter whether it is the bank data or the address data. You save a lot of work.