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The online member profile in the administration software

The Member Profiles module allows each member to create their own profile. These profiles are displayed on the association's website. This way, members can find each other, or simply present their club-specific accomplishments on the Internet. Hereby it can be adjusted whether the member profiles are visible only in a protected area, or for everyone. Offer your club more service, without additional administration costs!

Member search - all members at a glance

With our homepage module member search you can easily list your members and provide a searchable list to your visitors. All you have to do is create a web profile for your member, set up the authorization for the web or portal view and different information can be seen.

The advantages are:

  • Members decide for themselves what can be seen.
  • Make the contents visible individually.
  • Freely define the content to be displayed and add new content.
  • Browse members.
  • Member archive accessible at any time.
  • Filter members by categories or postal codes.
  • Use radius search for members to find all members in your direct environment.
  • Modern responsive layout in nine standard or customized colors.