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Online membership application - for the smart workflow that inspires!

With our registration form you can import member data directly into your database. To do this, the prospective member simply fills out the form and submits the application with one click.

The advantages are:

  • Time saving for the management.
  • Prevention of transfer errors and media breaks
  • Important documents can be transferred along with the registration and archived on contact.
  • Membership fees are automatically assigned.
  • The SEPA mandate reference is already assigned when the application is created.
  • The applicant receives a copy of his registration data as a PDF when the application is completed.
  • In addition, the applicant receives an e-mail with the generated PDF form.
  • Modern responsive layout in nine standard or customized colors.


The standard form costs only 240€ net. This includes the one-time color adjustment and the configuration of the PDF according to the standard configuration.

The features: Create family members, additional addresses, upload files, contribution selection and newsletter registration are not included in the standard price of 240€.

If you wish to adapt your registration form to your individual needs, we will be happy to make you an offer.